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The Greens: A major threat for the next 20 years

Some of the Greens MPs we have to put up with in Victoria (Altered image)

Imagine if the Greens held the balance of Power in the Victorian upper house of our state parliament.   Or in the lower house.  Or both.

The damage they could do would be significant.   All types of hunting would be under immediate threat. Owning a handgun could become a thing of the past and you can forget about owning a rifle scope. Read more »

The NFA stuff-up: “It was the shooters’ fault”

Federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, has provided a three page response to the CFCV led industry paper pointing out anomalies and issues with the updated National Firearms Agreement.

We are grateful for the attention the minister gave to this, as he could just as easily ignored it, but has responded.

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Our LRD survey – and your savage responses

In 2015, the CFCV ran a survey of over 800 shooters which revealed how strongly we feel about the the performance of the Licensing and Regulation Division of VicPol.

We knew you’d be pretty unhappy with them – especially with their meddling during the lever-action shotgun fight – but what we didn’t expect was just how deep those feelings run!
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