Firearm Regulations: We ask the OCBR to intervene

The CFCV has written to the Office of the Commissioner for Better Regulation, asking it to question the veracity of the draft Firearm Regulations which it will be reviewing this year.

The OCBR is a state government agency whose role it is to ensure departments putting regulations up for approval, have properly consulted affected stakeholders before giving them the green light.

As you know, the consultation on the regulations being prepared has been negligible.  In fact, it’s been non-existent and some could say, deliberately evasive.

So we’ve written to them.  Click here to see our letter.

While it remains to be seen if this approach succeeds, we’re hoping they will form the view that there has not been sufficient engagement with affected stakeholders, and refuse to sign off on them.  If that happens, it could force the government to extend our existing regulations for a year while they ‘start all over again’.    That’s the price you pay for trying to shut shooters out of the consultation process.

Let’s see where this takes us.

  1. Well done Neil. Lets hope the OCBR are not politically correct or influenced by MPs.

  2. unfortunately too many senior coppers have seen too much of the negative results of firearms so they take the view that no firearms no injuries but when are they going to remove cars ….I have heard that more people have been killed on our roads than in all our foreign conflicts

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