MEDIA RELEASE: Fingerprinting, an unfair burden on shooters

MEDIA RELEASE: This is what we put out this evening

The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria says the need for shooters with handgun licences to have their fingerprints taken should be scrapped.
CFCV delegate, Sebastian Ziccone, said the requirement served no useful purpose and was a costly impost on both shooters and the police.
“It is easier for criminals to get their fingerprints taken than those seeking to comply with the law,” he said.
“Handgun licence applicants are required to provide fingerprints at a limited number of venues, by appointment, and at a cost of $179.80, while those who have broken the law face no such inconvenience.”
“Fingerprinting should be available at any police station, with or without appointment, and at no cost given the licence costs pistol shooters already face.”
He said the government should review the requirement for fingerprinting for two reasons because applicants are already identified when they apply for licences and there is no evidence of fingerprinting of handgun licence applicants has solved any crimes.
“Faced with that, you’d have to ask why it is required at all.”
He said the government should refer the matter to the Firearms Consultative Committee which includes representation from Victoria Police, shooting organisations, academics and the police minister’s office.

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