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The danger of having unqualified bureaucrats

You wouldn’t accept advice on aviation safety from someone who has never worked in that industry.  Nor would you want to get legal advice from someone who isn’t a lawyer.

Yet when it comes to firearms policy, the government gets its advice from bureaucrats who have no qualifications or connection with the industry, and no desire to consult it. Read more »

What are our unqualified bureaucrats hiding?


Want to know what our new Firearm Regs are likely to contain – after Tasmania and South Australia make it clear that there is a bigger agenda underway?  In this blog we tell you what we have and have not found out.
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SA set to force shooters to buy new safes, dob in their mates

Shooters from South Australia are about to face new regulations which will require them to, among other things:

  • buy new safes;
  • dob in mates who may not store their firearms properly; and
  • conduct referee checks for new members of their clubs.

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Why your shooting club should be at the forum!

If you’re a member of a shooting club, then we know the feeling: you can feel isolated from what’s happening across the rest of the Victorian shooting industry. 

That’s why its important your club sends someone to the Victorian Shooting Industry Forum being held in a few weeks time. Read more »