Adler: What’s next?

As you will be aware, COAG has approved the reclassification of the Alder shotgun from A, to B for the five shot version, and D for those capable of carrying more than five shots.

That will put the 7 shot version in the same category as the AR-15, which is as ludicrous as it sounds.

What is not known at this time is whether shooters affected by this decision will be offered compensation, or simply have to forfeit them.

Another confiscation

This will be the third nationwide confiscation in 20 years.

The first was for our semi-autos in 96, the second being the restrictions on handguns in 2003 and now lever action shotguns.

It means taking the gun you love using away from you. It could means handing in that handcrafted gun that your dad handed down to you. 

All to go into the crusher.

  • It’s sad.
  • It’s unnecessary. 
  • It won’t be the last time someone tries to take our guns off us.

The next fight

Those opposed to firearm use will never give up on us.  People like Derryn Hinch, Samantha Lee, John Howard and many others.

While we may have lost this fight, it is a timely reminder to all shooters – including those who were too young to feel the impacts of 1996 and 2003 – of what can happen.

Importantly, what will it be?

  • Lever-action rifles? 
  • A ban on 10 shot mags? 
  • Prohibiting telescopes on hunting rifles?

Imagine if the government decided to prohibit anyone under 18 from being able to handle a firearm?

If any of these sound a bit farfetched, then so does banning our lever actions; the same type of firearm used by John Wayne.

What you can do

As a community, we do have an opportunity to fix this. It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

We have a working group on this convening in the next few days.  We’ve also got a meeting of our member shooting organisations in January where we’ll be tackling this, and other issues which are likely to dominate the agenda for 2017.

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  1. #DrainTheBillabong

  2. when innocent people are more worrying than those in prison………………what has gone wrong with society? criminals have broken the law & jailed. As innocent firearms owners, even in jai9l, the criminals appear to hold a moral high ground. If because we have guns & we could murder somebody, we should be put in jail & all women have the equipment to be prostitutes & they too should all be in jail! Oh yes, this is a penal colony ruled by the British after all?

  3. Stop highlighting WHAT COULD BE NEXT ! it is bad enough our opposition are trying to think up their next move without you highlighting the possibilities , it begs belief the ongoing crap this bloody shotgun is causing

  4. On the basis of your recommendation, I supported Michael Sukkar for the electorate of Deakin in the recent elections. With this support, he was returned with an increased majority whereas the adjoining electorate with an anti-hunting incumbent suffered reduced margin. Despite this, I am still waiting a sensible response from my elected representative on the subject of bureaucrats in he Attorney Generals Department having secret influence on public policy about firearms laws. In the end result; is Michael Sukkar helping, or looking after his own?

  5. Phil

    Your last comment is why we did this. It was crap, and more importantly we need the 800,000+ shooters out there realise they don’t have to put up with crap.

    I don’t believe the list is news to anyone. In fact the police seem to be leading the charge on these things from time to time – and don’t forget, they regulate them! Our gun control opponents know about the lever-action rifles etc and we had, not too long ago, a councillor in Adelaide advocate for the removal of gun related businesses from the CBD – so there’s another one for the list!

    The only people I would suggest who didn’t know about juniors, hunting scopes etc are the average mum or dad who has no interest in the shooting sports, aren’t going to lift a finger over it and wouldn’t get our blog anyway.

    From our perspective the more important priority is to try and mobilise shooters before the next attack & election roll by.


  6. ROSS AUSTIN Saturday 31st December 2016. No shooter could disagree with the comments put forward regarding the Alder shotgun. The blissful ignorance shown by the anti-gun lobby is unbelievable. I do, however, take exception to the two brief but obscene comments that have been made. This sort of juvenile rubbish does our organisation and our views no credit at all. I wonder if it is necessary to publish to publish them?

  7. I’ve probably been a bit generous with what I allowed, so have edited a couple of the posts back. Pls feel free to point out anything I’ve missed.

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