Our lever-actions: Join the fight!

As we foreshadowed, the government came back for a third go at our lever-action shotguns and look like getting their way.

The CFCV is the Victorian shooting industry’s funding vehicle to support pro-shooting candidates at state and federal elections.  We do this to stop the sorts of attacks we’ve just witnessed.

The more we do, the more we can do to protect the shooting sports.

Every dollar we raise will go to supporting better candidates on both sides of parliament.  If you live near a Ritchies IGA, then By now you might have heard that if you do your weekly shopping with a pre-allocated Community Benefits card at your local Ritchies IGA, part of what you spend will be donated to the CFCV!

Your donation will help us to keep on fighting to help you keep on shooting.  It’ll help us do important stuff like supporting pro-shooting candidates at elections and work.

That’s how buying bread, milk, Doritos, cheese, cordial and washing powder can help keep you shooting!

Send us an email with your postal address by clicking here and we’ll send you your card in the mail straight away.  To help the shooting sports.

Want to donate directly?  Click here to donate to our Fighting Fund via Paypal.

  1. Joe Carapellotti

    why are we being helped by those that use the firearms bill as a step up & for collateral when they have to push the government & need bait to get their way. We need politicians who support shooting sports & not just to see how far they can take it. Shooters are getting fed up with the same old line……………….’it’s for public safety’

  2. How a strong decisive defiant message from SSAA Vic ??,rally the troops etc !!
    (gotya just kidding 🙄 😆 )

  3. I think its about time the SSAA and other shooting organizations band together and take this to the High Court since there is no evidence base whatsoever, just politicians fulfilling their own adjenda.

  4. Yes, I agree with the previous comment. The time is long overdue for these politicians to be publicly slapped down and set on their arse. Are they not working for, and paid, in part, by us, the shooting fraternity? We are not a minority in Australia, so should have a more suitably realistic legislation than the current trashy one, rammed down our throats by J Howard SMS and his Ilk. This current legislation amounts to Bullying in the Sports Place.Yes? And we all know that Bullying of any description is ‘frowned on’ by the ‘powers that be’.

  5. Thanks Jacko.

    I’m going to use the slapped down and set on their arse comment at our industry forum! Nice one.


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