Tim Bull adds pressure on Nats to fight reclassification


The member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, has joined Senator McKenzie in making his displeasure over the likely vote on the reclassification of the Adler lever-action shotgun at COAG this coming Friday.

His voice is important because Tim is yet another Nat appealing to their federal colleagues to stand up to the Libs, who want the Adler reclassified to B and D.

Here is a letter he sent to a shooter who raised this with us – and is self-explanatory. It follows similar representation by another Nationals MP, Luke O’Sullivan, who made similar statements in Parliament yesterday.  We wouldn’t suggest any Adler go to category B, but moving the 7 shot version to D is ludicrous.

We hope the Federal Government and our Premiers get the message ahead of Friday’s meeting that the proper classification of firearms needs to be based on facts and data:

“Hi  [name removed], this is the view of the Victorian Nationals and happy to be quoted in any, or all of it

The Victorian Nationals have called on the Andrews Labor Government to respect farmers and hunters and make a decision based on evidence when deciding the classification of the Adler 7 shot lever-action shot gun ahead this Friday’s COAG meeting.

Classifying this shot gun as Category D without rigorous supporting evidence is an over-step from politicians who clearly do not understand this particular firearm, or our current firearms classification system.

The 1996 National Firearms Agreement was based on clear evidence for the categorisation of guns and their use and the current debate around the Adler is devoid of the rigour that was used in 1996.

The entire process surrounding this debate is an insult to landholders and responsible licenced gun owners.

We urge all Ministers at COAG to follow the evidenced-based process and classify the Adler as a Category B firearm.

Tim Bull
State Member, Gippsland East
Shadow Minister for Disability, Housing, Mental Health, Senior Victorians, Racing
143 Main Street, Bairnsdale

While we appreciate a number of other politicians share this view, the advice being provided from within the Nationals is both significant and hopefully strong enough to stop going to cat D.

  1. Neville Randall

    And yet a move to Cat B is still a loss, and still not evidence based.

  2. Correct. I can’t justify this for the Nats – only they can.

  3. And yet a move to Cat B is still a loss, and still not evidence based.
    Chris Hodge SFFP-ACT Branch Chairman

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