McKenzie stands firm on lever-action ban


Federal Senator Bridget McKenzie has done it again – she has stuck her neck out for shooters just like you. 

The Senator is to be applauded for breaking ranks with her Coalition colleagues, accusing some for falling for ‘emotional grandstanding’ rather than facts. This follows her decision to vote against her Coalition colleagues to have the Adler ban lifted.

Click here to check out this story from Farmonline – it’s a bewdy – and make sure you take part in the poll.

Please also make sure you let Senator McKenzie know how much support she has by emailing her at  We need to show support for Bridget who is a rare and welcome voice from within the Coalition.

  1. If some politicians hope to score a few cheap points with the ignorant, they are certainly losing favour with legitimate shooters. Analysing fact instead of hype, there is no valid reason to restrict this shotgun; lever actions are NOT new technology which is the purported reason for restriction. Apart from politics, this raises issues of where this policy comes from; policy seems to be usurped from elected M.P.s by bureaucrats without expertise or accountability. This might suit the prohibitionist cheer squad but a reality check shows the so-called National Firearms Agreement is an expensive failure. Well done Senator McKenzie for focussing on fact, her Parliamentary colleagues ought to ponder the outcome and political implications of the recent Orange by-election.Edit (in 1 minute)

  2. The link to the article gives me Pauline instead if bridget

  3. Quite right. All fixed. Thanks for that.

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