Nats cross floor on Adler ban


The Nationals took the brave step of crossing the floor in federal parliament earlier this week to support Senator Leyonhjelm’s effort to have the 7 shot Adler import ban lifted.

It’s the third time the Nats broke ranks with their bigger coalition partner for shooters over the last year.

First they stopped Liberal plans to have our lever-actions reclassified at two police ministers’ conferences, and now they broke with the Libs to have the import ban lifted.  That’s what you call having real guts!

As others have reported, the Liberals and Greens voted the motion down, but National Senators Bridget McKenzie and John Williams crossed the floor saying they were “standing up for innocent gun owners”.

Other National Senators – Fiona Nash, Nigel Scullion and Matt Canavan – were absent from the chamber.  Why?  Because they are all ministers and crossing the floor for them risks them losing their portfolios.

We need to let the Nationals know that not only does the shooting community appreciate what they are doing, but to implore them to keep on doing it.

What about their leader, Barnaby Joyce?  The AFR reported that he “absolutely” supported the right of his colleagues to cross the floor.

“I’ve had discussions with both Wacka and Bridget but I respect their rights,” he said.

  1. It is great to see the Nationals building value their Party again with Strong Views on discrimination against Law Abiding Folk.
    FACT! Liberals are not Liberal!

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