Media Release: Shooters push for fairer calibre limits

We’ve just put this media release out calling for fairer calibre limits for pistol target shooters.  We’ve got a couple of other issues relating to pistol shooting we’ll be putting releases out on in the next few weeks.


The state’s peak political body for Victoria’s shooting organisations is calling on the state government to allow pistol shooters access to larger calibres for target shooting competitions.

Council spokesperson, Stuart Boak, said the current limitations were impractical.

“Recognised pistol shooting events involve a combination of power, accuracy, stamina, and a range of different calibres, he said.

He said Victorian pistol shooters are generally restricted to up to .38 calibre, which limits their effectiveness in competition.  Only selected matches are permitted to use calibres over .38

“Victorian pistol shooters face disadvantages at national and international competitions because of current limitations, which have no logical basis”.

“Allowing shooters to use other calibres for recognised international disciplines is not only logical, but in keeping with the intent of the National Firearms Agreement”.

For more information, Stuart Boak 0405 344 229

Click here to see the PDF version of the release

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