Monthly Archives: November 2016

Nats cross floor on Adler ban


The Nationals took the brave step of crossing the floor in federal parliament earlier this week to support Senator Leyonhjelm’s effort to have the 7 shot Adler import ban lifted. Read more »

Media Release: Shooters push for fairer calibre limits

We’ve just put this media release out calling for fairer calibre limits for pistol target shooters.  We’ve got a couple of other issues relating to pistol shooting we’ll be putting releases out on in the next few weeks.
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When the political elite take us for granted

rick-brownRick Brown is a political strategist who has served the shooting industry well for many years.  His advice has been pivotal in helping the Victorian shooting industry navigate the political waters and secure many of the wins we’ve had over the past few years.

He wrote the article below for On Line Opinion, which we reproduce here for you.  His article provides a deeper understanding of how people have, for many years, turned their backs on ‘the political elite’ when they take people for granted.

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The SA Firearms Branch: a registry basket-case


If you want to know how bad a firearms registry can be, look at South Australia.

In his most recent Annual Report to SA Parliament, Acting Police Ombudsman, Michael Grant, devoted more than two pages to a deplorable culture within the SA Firearms Branch which seems to be tolerated all the way up the chain, to the Chief Commissioner. Read more »