Why buying bread is now even more important

We had a close call the other day, with the police ministers coming close to agreeing to ban our lever-action shotguns.

They’ll be back for another go – and if they get their way, then you can bet our lever-action rifles will be next.

We’re happy to continue the fight but need your help.  The CFCV is – to be blunt – a funding vehicle to support pro-shooting candidates at state and federal elections.

Every dollar we raise will go to supporting better candidates.  If you live near a Ritchies IGA, then By now you might have heard that if you do your weekly shopping with a pre-allocated Community Benefits card at your local Ritchies IGA, part of what you spend will be donated to the CFCV!

Your donation will help us to keep on fighting to help you keep on shooting.  It’ll help us do important stuff like supporting pro-shooting candidates at elections and work.

That’s how buying bread, milk, Doritos, cheese, cordial and washing powder can help keep you shooting!

Send us an email with your postal address by clicking here and we’ll send you your card in the mail straight away.  To help the shooting sports.

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