Do shooters under 30 care about the NFA?


Remember this sign?  It’s enough to send shivers down the spines of anyone who went through this.

We were curious about whether younger shooters, who were kids at the time, feel the same way.  So we ran a quick poll to find out.

Shooters who were kids in ’96

Shooters under 30 were barely old enough to hold a gun when we went through the pain of the NFA. While some tagged along with their mum or dad, many others never got to see the public debates, the rallies, or the long queues.

They missed the heartache of handing over our sporting guns, and heirlooms. So it would be perfectly reasonable to assume younger shooters might not be as passionate about the NFA as many of us older shooters.

… but nothing could be further from the truth…

What the poll said

The poll we ran asked two questions. The first was the age group of the respondent, and the second was their view of the NFA

The results, which appear below, are clear.  A quarter of you are under 30, but the percentage of shooters who are ok with the NFA, is less than 2%.  It means younger shooters hate the NFA as much as us older shooters.  facebook-poll

While poll results can always be questioned, it’s pretty obvious from this that younger shooters are just as passionate about the NFA as those who went through 96.

That’s great to hear. It’s also good to know, as it helps us shape our future blogs.

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