Could we ever get our 22 semi-autos back?


In fact, ‘yes’.   

The government has no current plans for this, but getting them back is not an impossible task.  It just needs a vision, and a well structured and effective political strategy.

While this may seem aspirational, the CFCV has shown what can be achieved when it’s done right.

We’ve already achieved the establishment of committees to make sure shooters are part of the decision making process and management of firearm safety literature.  We obtained $12.5m for range improvements, which shooting clubs in Victoria are now seeing the benefits of.

We’ve helped make and break political careers, which helps pave the way for other wins further down the track.

Coming up…

Those of you who have been following us will know we’ve got our sights on bigger and better things, including getting our 22 semi-autos back.

We’ve got a few other things up our sleeves as well.  They include a small number of announcements coming up over the next few weeks which will keep those of you involved in the handgun sports very happy.

Then there’s our shooting industry forum coming up in April. This will be opened up to the broader shooting industry to enable people like you to find out more about what is happening ‘behind the scenes’.

The more you know about what’s happening around the traps, the more we, as a community, can take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us.  Opportunities such as the 2018 Victorian State Election.

To do this we need your support.  If you haven’t donated to the CFCV before, then now is the best time to start

You can help push this along

Convert your anger at what’s happened to us over the past few years, into positive action now!

Your donation to the fight will help us do more work to help get our 22 semi-autos back. It’ll help us get more shooters involved in protecting our future.

Lets face it.  Shooters aren’t lazy, but they can be hard to engage with, as they go about running their business or looking after their families.  Sometimes they “just want to go shooting” and be left alone.

However your support as an individual or corporate donor, will help make the pro-shooting vote more effective, so we become more effective as a political community.

Click here to start now.  Just $5 a month is enough to make a big difference.

Your mates can help too

Your mates will benefit from the work we do for their sport, so don’t let them off the hook!

Make sure you tag them in the comments section below, so they can also see how they can help

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