Monthly Archives: September 2016

NFA Review: Shooting sports under new attack


Our bureaucrats cannot be trusted: what you need to know, and do.


BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, you will not only have lost your lever action shotgun, but been forced to install an expensive alarm system for your hunting rifle and surrender your 10 round magazines for 5 rounds.

In this article, we tell you what the government is up to – and what you and your shooting mates /clubs can do about it. Read more »

Stuck on spin cycle


We’re being told our stolen guns are feeding the black market. 

This, from people who are either career seekers, don’t understand statistics, or don’t like to consult. Read more »

The importance of consultation

In this video we give two examples of where our regulators made mistakes because they did not consult the shooting community.

This is the first of many videos we will be making between now and the 2018 Victorian State Election