How buying bread helps you buy more ammo

By now you might have heard that if you do your weekly shopping with a pre-allocated Community Benefits card at your local Ritchies IGA, part of what you spend will be donated to the CFCV!

Your donation will help us to keep on fighting to help you keep on shooting.  It’ll help us do important stuff like supporting pro-shooting candidates at elections and work.

Buying the bread, milk, Doritos, cheese, cordial and washing powder can help you keep on shooting!

Send us an email with your postal address by clicking here and we’ll send you your card in the mail straight away.

All you do is show the card next time you’re at the checkout at your local Ritchies IGA (in Qld, NSW or Victoria) and Ritchies will do the rest.

Not sure where the nearest Ritchies IGA store is?  Click here to find one near you.

  1. what is the ritchies IGA community benefits card cb number ?? the link didn’t work and I cant find it on the IGA website.

  2. Hi Darryl

    Thanks for this and letting me know something isn’t working right – will go and work on it in a sec. The CB number is 91698.



  3. I have been shopping at Ritchies Cobram for years. My ‘credit’ was going to Berrigan Guides now defunct. I have made a note to
    make the change pronto. Ritchies are a great organisation. They have donated a share of their profits with unbelievable generosity (measured in millions of dollars)to community charities of all types. Meanwhile people support the big stores who do nothing for the areas in which they operate. Their slick advertising and multi millions spent on marketing science put Ritchies at a disadvantage, but for REAL service and FAIR prices this mob are on their own.

  4. hi Neil,
    thanks for the reply,please send me a card to po box 305 metung 3904 vic. ASAP

    regards Darryl

  5. Quite true, Ross! Thanks for your comments as they prove the value of community participation – which is often easily dismissed, but something which really does work. I love shopping there for the reasons you said!

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