Herald Sun pushes the Adler barrow – yet again

Herald Sun - Adler - 22 August 2016

Once again the Herald Sun has published an article without including comment from our industry, or declaring the MD’s link to the AMF.

That’s a total of 12 in just 5 months – one every two weeks.

This is despite the fact our Vice President, Jack Wegman, spent more than 15 minutes with them in response to their request for comments from us.

Our comments were that this was a beat up by people who have no experience or knowledge of firearms, and that it was premature for them to try and pre-judge the NFA review.  The paper had plenty of space to include at least one item, yet clearly chose not to print it.

While the article contains “nothing new”, there’s no doubt the HS will keep on rolling these out until the review is over.

Our next executive meeting is being held next week, so it is fair to say our next response won’t be far away.

  1. Hi Neil,
    We are going to keep copping crap like this the Greens GCA and just about every other anti-gun anti-hunting group that would like to have a crack at us until there’s enough push for a coronial inquiry in to Port Arthur where this draconian NFA stemmed from, anything other than what our corrupted media reported on the event is pretty hard for most of the general public to swallow, however, and im sure your well aware there are many people that know of a very different version to what was reported.

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