The 22 semi-auto: Villain or Hero?

22 semi autos - devil incarnate or a bunny gun

During the last year we saw how the humble lever action was almost bumped to category C or even D.  Alongside the 22 semi-auto.

Earlier this year we made the case out to the Weekly Times that firearms like this simply didn’t belong in those categories (click here to see the story).

The problem seems to be that most people don’t know the difference between the sorts of firearms used at Port Arthur and those which many of you had.

Put another way, if Martin Bryant had a 22 semi-auto, the NFA wouldn’t have seen the light of day. However he didn’t. He had firearms which were something quite different.

So when people like Derryn Hinch talk about lever action shotguns (which, according to Hinch, use ‘bullets’) belonging in category C, it’s pretty clear many of them have no idea what they are talking about – yet will lecture us as though they do know something.

On Saturday don’t make the mistake of voting for a candidate who is another Derryn Hinch.  If you live in any of the lower house electorates in our How-To-Vote guide, then you’ve got a great opportunity to help us getting some more pro-shooting candidates elected.  In the Senate, make sure you vote for the pro-gun parties before you get to the majors.

Imagine if we were able to make the 22 semi-auto the hero once again?
Voting the right way makes that possible.

Check out our How-To-Vote guide by clicking here.

  1. Hi Neil,
    Its my considered opinion that had the been a formal coronial(spelling?)inquiry like there “SHOULD” have been in 1996 then the events that followed that tragedy may have been very different and on that basis alone the NFA may also not have seen the light of day ? but right now as we all know there are a lot of unanswered questions.

  2. John Howard broke the law by stopping a coronial enquiry into deaths at Port Arthur because it is apparently mandatory for enquiries to be held if deaths are of foreign nationals or death may have been caused by fire. Both applied. Excuse was supposedly to reduce further trauma to people associated with victims. Real reason obviously to avoid having embarrassing details indicating massacre was a planned “false flag” atrocity for the purpose of drumming up support to push draconian gun laws through aired in court. Also remember that Martin Bryant WAS NOT found guilty. Was not a proper contested court hearing because there was scant evidence he could have been the real gunman and a lot against – which was never presented. He was kept in illegal solitary confinement for six months until successfully pressured to plead guilty by crooked lawyer John Avery (who later served time in jail for embezzling clients funds). Now, thanks to the Internet, anyone can check on details by googling eg “Port Arthur Massacre Coverup” and studying material that comes up. Most who do soon come to have a different view from those who like sheep defend “official” stories peddled by the mainstream media.

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