Why voting for Hinch is a BAD … BAD … BAD idea

Derryn Hinch is one of Australia’s most famous entertainers.  His heart’s in the right place and you can’t question his passion for what he talks about. However his mind is somewhere else.

This week he launched into Ricky Muir over the Adler and standing up for over 800,000 people whose only crime is to be a legal gunowner.   Ricky’s responses were spot on – this is worth watching.

Derryn is well known for his profile, but not his knowledge on firearms.  As far as we know, he has no licence, has no involvement in the shooting industry, and little if any knowledge of its structure or how it functions.  That makes him poorly qualified to speak on firearm issues.

Yet when on 3AW with Ricky Muir, Hinch changed the topic from something else to firearms with the following declaration:

“We cannot soften gun control in Australia – we should tighten it.  Nobody needs a weapon. Even a 5 shot Adler is Wrong. You don’t need

Uh oh, we’ve got a hunch Hinch wants to bring us back to single shot

It was apparent from his other comments that Derryn Hinch wants us brought back to single shot firearms.

Even then he only mentioned farmers which leaves a huge question on how far he would go on guns. Would he support a ban on hunting? Would he support a ban on target shooting and gun collecting?

However Ricky wasn’t going to cop it.  After responding to the specific issues raised by Hinch, Ricky fired back with the following challenge to Hinch, to which he (Hinch) had no response:

“You’re trying to run a Justice party so it means you want to focus on truth and fact. So you’d better compose yourself on truth and fact”

Correctomundo, Ricky! That’s why we’ve recommended you along others in the Senate.

Do NOT vote for Hinch

Importantly it underlines the real danger in voting for Hinch.  Hinch has good preference flows from the major parties and poll position on the Senate ballot paper, making him a really strong contender to pick up a Senate seat.

However it’s your responsibility as much it is ours to make sure we support people who themselves support shooting elected.  If you don’t, we’ll end up with more Hinch’s in power. So make sure you vote properly – and get your mates to vote properly as well – otherwise their vote could cost us dearly.  Click here to see our voting advice.

In the meantime, check out the exchange between Muir and Hinch below,  Thanks to Matt Midson for pointing this out to us:

  1. Hinch has talked a lot of CRAP over the years. For a goal bird he should focus on getting things right with goal penalties first.

  2. Good on Ricky for keeping his cool.

  3. I never voted for Hinch, but gee I wish I had seen this video clip before the election…Derryn, shame, shame, shame…you’ve got not idea! Trouble is now you’ve been elected into a senate seat you will take your ignorance about firearms with you. Pity you hadn’t taken more notice of your farm managers firearm, single shot…I don’t think so! Please, please educate yourself before you make yourself a bigger fool or a bigger ignorant fool about firearms.

    Haven’t heard Ricky Muir much but he put the human headline in his place!

  4. Don't Forget to Vote! - pingback on August 13, 2016 at 9:08 am

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