Donations needed URGENTLY for our election fighting fund

Federal Election - donationsWith around a third of voters casting their votes before the day of the election, there is a really pressing need for us to get our voting recommendations – which will be released on TUESDAY – to AS MANY SHOOTERS AS POSSIBLE.

For that we need your help.  URGENTLY. 

If you haven’t donated to the CFCV before, then now is the time to help.

$5 will help us get the voting recommendations we’re about to release, to your mates before they cast their votes.  $50 will get it to theirth mates as well!  There’s over 200,000 shooters in Victoria, so imagine how powerful your donation could become.

Also important is to note the likely size of the anti-shooting vote.  A number of parties who want take hunting away from you are not only contesting the Senate, but some of the lower house seats we’re interested in as well.

Don’t let them get their way.  Help us get the pro-shooting voting message to as many shooters as possible in less than three days time!

Donate to the Victorian Shooting Industry Fighting Fund now

Want our voting recommendations to be sent to you by email?  Join our email list by clicking here and we’ll send it to you before early voting starts on Tuesday.

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