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The 2016 Federal Election provides Victorian shooters with a major opportunity to make a stand on the way they’ve been treated in recent times. 

Victoria’s major shooting organisations have an election strategy every shooter should support.

The strategy is aimed at getting more for shooters.  It has been effective in the past and helped gain some wins for shooters, such as $12.5m for range improvements and the protection of duck hunting, among other things.

The last year has been a reminder of how quickly things can turn against us.  

We fought like hell to keep our lever actions. We’ve taken the Herald Sun to task over their refusal to give the shooting community any decent right of reply over their recent attacks.

We’re going to use this federal election to remind our politicians that we’re not prepared to continue being soft targets whenever it suits them.

We willl promote our voting advice through our member organisations but need your help to get that advice out to the other 150,000 licensed shooters in Victoria who do not belong to one of our member organisations.

The Green vote is a problem for us.

Federally the Greens hold 10 out of 76 Senate seats.  At state level they hold 5 out of 40.

These are dangerous numbers for us.  Dangerous, because while they do not yet hold the balance-of-power in their own right, the day will come when they will.

When they do, you can bet they will seize the opportunity to cut us into ribbons.  The Greens want us to lose shooting piece by piece, and you can bet they will use their political power to do that when they have the chance. That’s why voting properly is vital to keeping your sport outside their reach.

We’ll be revealing our voting recommendations in a few days time.

Next weekend we’ll be revealing voting recommendations.  This will be based on advice from all our contacts with the political parties, from within the shooting industry and political consultants.

Our strategy includes direct mailouts and advertising in key electorates and online.

This costs money.  By supporting the Victorian Shooting Industry Fund, you’ll be helping us to get the pro-shooting voting message

We need your donation to do this.  Click here to go to our donation page (which gives you the option of using PayPal if you prefer).  It’ll be worth the investment.

(Click here to use Paypal if you can’t open the above link.)

If you’re interstate or in the US, supporting the CFCV will help Aussie shooters fight back.

While the CFCV is focusing on one state, the potential benefits of what we’re doing – as an industry wide body – has the potential to flow interstate.

For those of you in the US, the CFCV’s strategy has its similarities to the NRA’s, however it has been the equivalent to the Republicans who have caused us the most pain most pain.  Our strategy has therefore been adapted to suit our circumstances and backed by a track record of success.

Supporting the CFCV makes a lot of sense.

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