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Support the shooting industry Federal Election fighting fund

Federal Election donations

The 2016 Federal Election provides Victorian shooters with a major opportunity to make a stand on the way they’ve been treated in recent times.  Read more »

How beer can save the shooting sports!


Imagine if beer proved to be *THE* big secret for shooters at this year’s Federal Election?

Guess what?

It is!!

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We found something the Herald Sun didn’t tell you when reporting on firearm issues

BlundenVictoria’s most widely circulated daily newspaper, the Herald Sun, recently ran an anti-gun tirade consisting of no less than seven articles and opinion pieces.

It was strange for a number of reasons:

  • It was ferocious;
  • None of the articles contained comment from anyone representing shooting interests;
  • It came after the government announced the Adler A-110 was safe;
  • It involved extending an invitation to the CFCV to have an opinion piece published – and then withdrew the invitation.  

Then we found a link to another organisation readers weren’t told about. Read more »

We want our 22 self-loaders back

22 semi autos

The CFCV has put out the following media release, which is the first on a series of topics we’ve decided to pursue, on behalf of shooters across the state Read more »