Why we’ve FOI’d the Victoria Police

FOIIf you think the police will play fair with the remaking of the Firearm Regulations 2008, then think again.

Over the past few months the Victoria Police have issued firearm transportation guidelines which don’t fit within the existing legal framework, lobbied the Herald Sun – even telling it some firearm safes could be opened ‘with your teeth’ and their minister told the Herald Sun the government is already considering changes to how we store our firearms.

So we’ve FOI’d them on what they’re up to.

First, it is necessary to understand that the Firearm Regulations 2008, like most other regulations, last only 10 years and then need to be remade.  It helps stop regulations from becoming stale our outdated. That means our new regulations will be made in 2018.

However the process to make them lasts around a year and a half.  That’s because the policy people need to develop ideas, the drafters need to write up both the new regulations and a ‘Regulatory Impact Statement’ which explains why the regs are changing (if they are going to change), the public needs to be consulted and then the minister needs to approve the making of the regs.

So counting back, that means the process has already started.  Given the police’s track record, we’ve put in a formal request for the following:

This includes any documents generated between 1 October 2015 and 24 April 2016 relating to, as it relates to policy and regulatory content:

  • instructions to any entities to help prepare a Regulatory Impact Statement;
  • internal communications within Victoria Police;
  • communications to / from other entities;
  • consultant briefs provided to the Victorian Public Service; and
  • any related needs for heads of power under to the Firearms Act 1996.

So there you have it. Hopefully you’ll hear what the police are up to from us over the next few weeks.

  1. Great idea and good work

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