The NFA changes are dead: our lever actions are safe

John Howard lucked out(Above: former Primer Minister John Howard)

The Federal Government has announced there will be no changes to the National Firearms Agreement. 

Yep, the deal is dead.  Our lever actions are safe.

Federal Justice Minister Mike Keenan delivered the news earlier today in Brisbane. Click here to read more on this story.

Minister Keenan said there are no longer any plans to change the Agreement, but did say that an amnesty of some sort (no doubt voluntary) may still be in the winds.

His statement is in direct defiance of former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard (pictured above) who said our current gun laws were inadequate and needed further tightening, (note for overseas readers: our current government is also Liberal, so the decision flies in the face of what his own party did to Australian shooters in 1996)

It’s an important win in an important year for Aussie shooters

The backdown represents a win in one of the key challenges we identified for 2016 at our industry forum in February.

It comes days before the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur shootings, which the anti-gun movement has been using to try to push for tighter gun laws.  Fortunately the fact the antis lost this round will make their job tougher.

You should congratulate yourself on this win

The result is the outcome of efforts by many people, including people like yourself who took the time to let our politicians know that further restrictions were ‘not on’.  Thank you to everyone who wrote, called and emailed our politicians, as it shows what can be done with a coordinated approach.

Others who played a big part, according to one leading industry expert, includes the National Party which stood up to its larger coalition partner in Canberra, and Katter’s Australia Party for securing the position adopted by the Queensland Government.

2016 has already been a long year for us, with fights with Victoria Police over our new regulations, the anniversary of Port Arthur and the federal election yet to come.

We’ve still got a long road ahead of us, but its still an important win for us.  Stay tuned because we might have some more good news for you in the next few days.

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  1. Great News!

  2. There is still one thing your forgetting, NEVER trust what a politician says.

  3. Is this true?

  4. The best news I’ve heard all year.

    Great work by all those involved in advocating for licenced firearms owners.

  5. I hope this stays solid.

  6. David Pickford

    Be interested in another buy back if it comes up so we can move a few more old clunkers etc as many of us did 20 years ago.

  7. I have never read your website before but as a shooter who feels like a criminal every time I think about my gun, it’s good to see that using reason and logic to come to a conclusion has its day. Thank you to the supporters of this.

    Now onto suppressors!

  8. Yep, nothing better to have a guaranteed buyer of junk!

  9. Well, it’s as true as Keenan says it is. I’m happy to accept it as the states won’t approve any change to the NFA if they think they are being lied to by the federal justice minister.

  10. Get rid of the liberals they want to increase income taxes and increase the gst

  11. Now to push for cat c for all

  12. Best bloody news ever 😀

  13. A good solid and well deserved kick in the guts for the Toxic Turd Howard and the ANTIs.

    I wait with baited breath for the further good news.

  14. Can’t believe a word these pricks say they lie out if there teeth

  15. I wouldn’t stop making noise until it’s all said and done guys. It wouldn’t be the first time a politician gone back on his word. Fingers crossed all the same!!!

  16. Jase Frenchwha

    Vote 1

  17. Perry Jackson

    I’ve been around too long and am too cynical of anything that comes out of a lying Politician’s mouth to trust this for one minute. Be alert for a last minute Back Flip – keep on the Bastards

  18. Good work to all involved, well done.

  19. Well done. Great news and thank you.So how long until we get our semis back?

  20. Well done Aussie shooters , you have shown your face and strew the to the unintelligent nay Sayers , we are the safest people in Australia and have a firearms licence to show it , We will no longer be deamnised for the actions of criminals and insane , we have proof we are worthy of safe firearms opener ship , continue to be strong and united ,

  21. Wait for our next press release 🙂

  22. I think its fair to say the next round fight has just begun.

  23. Richard Hulanicki

    Lets get candidates for our next election to represent shooters in every electorate. They can be criminals(like the rest of them)and we will bring our country back to prosperity. At the present moment we have the most incompetent, stupid, corrupt , stubborn and deaf representatives running this country. Time for a change for the BETTER

  24. As mentioned before, fight has just begun. Clear message there is new laws hidden under wraps. They are using trojan Johnny as a kick starter.

    “John Howard to launch national petition against relaxing of gun laws”

  25. Well done!! Its a fantastic effort that shows just what we can do!!

  26. I must add that I wasn’t real interested in the Adler and would not have bought one. Now that the greens etc are carrying on I am ordering one today and every other shooter who can afford it should do the same.

  27. I hope this isn’t one of those things politicians just get done with far less hassle by getting Customs to just restrict/ban importation.

  28. Chris toulson

    Yes thankyou fellow gun owners. But dont forget its elections on the plate and these politicians are hungry for votes. Should they stand by thier words we gun owners and hunters alike will gain from words used. I wont hold my breath because past promises have not been met.Australian politicians have next to no credibility for the antics and lies told to australian people. If something positive comes of this pile of molarky on a positive note i will personally consider thaughts of redemption but untill then i shall remain sceptical and have my own guard up. Im hopeful for more positive things and fairness to be delivered to the hunting community in the near and distant future so we all can become content and at the very least partially satisfied with decisions made by the powers that be. Greenies protect the wilderness between your ears as us hunters know what we are doing and know what we want. Cheers to all

  29. When it come to politicians of all persuasions, Shooters should NEVER forget that a deal is not a deal and that they will renege whenever they smell some political advantage in the wind. After Port Arthur, that little runt Howard could have seen the logic in case for magazine cut-offs in semi-auto shotguns but pig-headedly refused to, and the trade-off was let shooters have pump-action shotguns. Blind Freddy could see that that a ban on pumps would be on the agenda again before too long. It was a miracle that it took 20 years for the anti’s to have another go at pumps! Maybe they waited until they thought we had all forgotten the deal that was stuck back then?

  30. I don’t call it a “Win” it is merely a recognition of how the regulations are set now. We can claim a “Win” when some aspect of the present law is removed and commonsense prevails. When was the last time a bank hold up involved an air rifle? Shooters have pushed for years for a mandatory additional sentence if a firearm is used in a crime but the pollies won’t have it and I can’t work out why. All Howard achieved was the confiscation of legally held firearms.

  31. The battle may have been “tentatively ” won but the war still continues. Keep the pressure on guys. We cant afford to relax.

  32. No doubt the newspapers are becoming desperate to sell their product. They won’t be put off by troublesome truth and facts that consistently tell the real story.

  33. More polls set up by the anti’s
    Please help by voting no.

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