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A shooters guide to the 2016 Federal Election

eventbrite - hootsuiteThere’s less than 48 hours to go to a first – an open invitation to Victorian shooters to join one of two webinars on the upcoming 2016 Federal Election. 

Click here to join us on Sunday 1 May at 2pm. Read more »

Why we’ve FOI’d the Victoria Police

FOIIf you think the police will play fair with the remaking of the Firearm Regulations 2008, then think again. Read more »

Herald Sun’s refusal to provide a Right of Reply

Herald Sun campaigning against AdlerLat this week, the Herald Sun ran not one, but two articles, one of which featured on the front page, plus an editorial campaigning against the Alder and pointing to increased firearm availability.

Apart from focusing on old stories, including the reclassification issue which the federal government has dispensed with, the articles have one glaring omission – any input or comment from shooting interests.

In other words, the shooting community had no right of reply. Read more »

The NFA changes are dead: our lever actions are safe

John Howard lucked out(Above: former Primer Minister John Howard)

The Federal Government has announced there will be no changes to the National Firearms Agreement. 

Yep, the deal is dead.  Our lever actions are safe.
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