Police ministers agree on tighter gun laws to stop drive-by shootings



The federal government has obtained the agreement of all states and territories to ban firearms with magazines and more than one barrel ahead of next month’s police minister’s meeting.

In a half hour telephone conference with state and territory police ministers last night, the new national plan will limit gun owners to air rifles, single shot rifles and single barrel shotguns. Double barrel shotguns will only be allowed for existing international competitors who will be able to qualify for a new “Category A2” licence.

The new laws will come into effect on 1 July and be backed with a buyback of prohibited firearms capped at $500 per firearm.

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said territorial ministers were keen to adopt the new laws in a desperate attempt to stop the number of shootings in major cities.

Their main concern was that guns such as hunting rifles which have enormous firepower were easy to steal and falling into the wrong hands. They were unanimous in their views that removing these from the community will eradicate shootings and help save lives” he said.




Not yet anyway….

Instead I wound the clock forward to discussions on the NFA at next month’s police minister’s conference to desperately get your attention. I hope it worked!

You will recall last year shooters put in extensive efforts through letter and email writing to stop the Adler ban, and other changes to the NFA. That had the effect of stopping the ban at the time, but the issue was simply deferred to next month’s police minister’s conference, so we’re not out of the woods yet.

The above scenario is also an exaggeration of what is being proposed, but as you know, there are many people who want us to be on that slippery slope, so help us stop that now!

What you can do

If you don’t want the above nightmare from happening then we need you to send just one more email. It’ll take you just two minutes to do!

This we need you to tell Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, what we want his government to do.

Click here to send an email to Premier Andrews through your email client (or if that doesn’t work, send an email daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au)

Here is the suggested content of an email:

Dear Premier

I refer to the debate over the past year on the appropriate classification of the Adler lever action shotgun, and other matters relating to the National Firearms Agreement.

You will recall the last police ministers’ conference considered and rejected a call to move the shotgun (and similar action firearms) from Category A to Category C, which would have put it beyond the reach of most shooters. The conference instead referred the matter back to the states for reconsideration at the next month’s police ministers conference.

As a licensed shooter, I do not support the reclassification of that type of firearm. Specifically:

• It is not new technology;
• There is no demonstrated problem with any Category A firearm; and
• There is no clearly articulated justification in reclassifying any Category A firearm

I respectfully request you instruct the Acting Minister for Police to adopt a position that Victoria supports “no change” to firearm categories.

I also request you consider ways shooting groups can be more effectively involved in policy discussions than has previously been the case. The Victorian Firearms Consultative Committee is a purpose built forum which is suitable for that purpose.

Yours sincerely

We’ll keep you up to date on how things go…

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  1. Well said l hope the government shows some common sense..

  2. Don’t know that it make any difference. But I have sent it anyway

  3. What a load of shit get rid of the drugs and all the other shit out of the city and you wouldn’t have these problems hard call for country people like my self that shoot for a sport before you know it water pistols will be banned no matter what gun laws you put in if some bad bastard wants a gun they’ll find one what is happening to Australias past time government has this country fucked you are all a joke

  4. How fraudulent is this,the taxation department and the Electoral Commission useing tax payer funds as donations to the Liberal Party.They might be doing it legally to their law but not to the law of the tax payer which is – A Fair Go , NSW LIBERALS RECEIVED DONATIONS FROM……..NSW Electoral Commission Level 25 201 Kent Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000 Other Receipt $1,613,667.00
    NSW Electoral Commission Level 25 201 Kent Street
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    NSW Electoral Commission Level 25 201 Kent Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000 Other Receipt $1,189,750.00
    NSW Electoral Commission Level 25 201 Kent Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000 Other Receipt $536,981.00
    NSW Electoral Commission Level 25 201 Kent Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000 Other Receipt $357,987.00
    NSW Electoral Commission Level 25 201 Kent Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000 Other Receipt $23,500.0 Australian Taxation Office GPO Box 9990
    SYDNEY NSW 2000 Other Receipt $1,023,433.00 YEP MILLIONS

  5. We are law byding with 2 shots you need to clean up the illegal guys from the street stop acting the lienced gun onw

  6. I just shit myself……thanks 😳

  7. If the laws come into affect then good luck trying to keep feral pest in control. Like me and most other shooters will walk away from the sport. All this wil achieve is lost revenue from hunters and pay for expensive culls

  8. Think you need to raise the fact that weapons used in crimes are virtually all unregistered and never have been through laws that they are trying to consider.
    e.g. The shooting in Sydney last week. SKS semi auto used. Black market one suggest.

  9. Done

  10. glen david chalker

    The only way to stop the scumbag bastards is not to vote for them,Over a million Gun owners,Fisherpersons and people who enjoy the great outdoors perhaps two million is a lot of votes.Liberal is now prepared to fornicate with the dirty rotern mongrel greens to exchange preferences can we believe any of them. If all LAFO’s and family vote for the SFP and get many more people into State Politics than they can be stopped because the only thing they understand is numbers and there dirty arses glued firmly to the seat of the gravey train.

  11. I have seen nothing of this anywhere else and in no way have i seen enough evidence to say this is a real article and not just a hype peice. I am a gun owner but this smells of bullshit to me.

  12. Don’t give the prick’s any ideas!!
    They wouldn’t want to try implementing this sort of rubbish, there’d be anarchy!

  13. We have half the gun deaths per year in Canada. Although handguns and many semi auto rifles are restricted we can still hunt with SKS, Tavor and many other semi autos. Obviously the problem is ILLEGAL guns. I wish you guys weren’t subject to idiotic liberal experiments like this…

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