Monthly Archives: March 2016

Victoria Police, campaigning on gun thefts again


Police on gun theftsJust when you thought it was safe to come out, Victoria Police strike again. This week they had not one, but two articles in the Herald Sun lobbying for the state government to tighten up the way you store your firearms.
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What the Federal Election could mean for us

federal electionThis article explains what the recent changes to the federal senate, and possibility of a double dissolution, could mean for shooters.  

It also explains why the Green could soon seize control of the Senate. Read more »

CFCV sets up federal election funding target

2016 federal electionThe CFCV is aiming to raise $20,000 to fund it’s fight for this year’s Federal Election.
Five bucks from everyone who reads this could go a long way to making a real difference!
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Police ministers agree on tighter gun laws to stop drive-by shootings



The federal government has obtained the agreement of all states and territories to ban firearms with magazines and more than one barrel ahead of next month’s police minister’s meeting. Read more »