The Victorian Shooting Industry Forum – yet to come!


As the countdown to this week’s Victorian Shooting Industry Forum continues, we continue with our daily Facebook posts on topics which will be covered on the day.

Over the past few days we’ve been preparing posts on:

  • Why you’re not happy with the Victoria Police
  • What our voting advice looks like
  • The importance of stopping the Greens
  • Why you should support a shooting organisationth

Then there is the big one which will go up Friday night  – the topic which last year’s survey revealed was the number one issue on the mind of Victorian shooters:

  • The importance of getting our semi-autos back!

Especially the 22 semi!

Make sure you get the presentation slides from the forum by joining our email list by clicking here.

  1. This forum is very good. For too long the Antis have had us divided and aimless, particularly since 1996 when we were railroaded by a completely undemocratic process to disarm honest law abiding people. There is no excuse these days for anyone, young or old, not to be informed and come together as a collective force to say enough is enough. The Government should be working for the people, not against them.

  2. The semi auto shot gun is used in most if not all country’s where water fowl is hunted.
    The biggest plus with them is the extra number of shots, which enables the follow up shots needed to secure that a wounded bird does not get away.
    A common occurrence is that a bird is hit on the second shot, if that bird is wounded, depending on weather condition (strong wind pushing the bird away) , thickness of vegetation, species of duck ( hard head will dive very quickly), how and where you are polssisioned in the hide and so on all the factors allow for a delayed time if you are having to reload a gun with only two shots.
    It is very rare that a hunter will take more than two shots at a flock of birds, after this they will be out of range, having the extra two or three shots available will reduce the chances of wounded birds getting away.

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