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Why politicians don’t care

Why pollies don't careIn this article we explain why pollies in the major parties are rarely, if ever, are able to help shooters.  It explains why a coordinated concerted effort by shooters is needed to overcome this.
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Weekly Times article on the CFCV forum

This article on last weekend’s forum appeared in this week’s Weekly Times (you can also view it on the WT side by clicking here).


Download our slides from the Victorian Shooting Industry Forum

The forum went well!  So much so, that we’re thinking of doing it again next year.  It’s likely we will open it up to all shooters and might even broadcast it online.

Click here to download the slides (PDF) from last weekend’s forum. Feel free to share it with your friends.

The Victorian Shooting Industry Forum – yet to come!


As the countdown to this week’s Victorian Shooting Industry Forum continues, we continue with our daily Facebook posts on topics which will be covered on the day. Read more »