Victoria’s first shooting industry-wide forum

Forum slideVictoria’s shooting organisations have been invited to a forum we’re about to host which aims to change the way our industry is approaching our political problem.  

It’s our aim to make sure you, and your family, can keep shooting.


We’ll let the shooting industry know what we’re doing

Victoria is about to have it’s first ever shooting industry-wide forum.

The forum is a major escalation of what the CFCV believes needs to be – and can be –  done for Victorian shooters. It will help key stakeholders in the industry understand what the CFCV has been doing in recent months, and what they can do to help.

The forum will cover the key challenges we are likely to face in 2016, of we can see at least five. It’ll includeth a recap of the NFA review and an insight into the strategic direction we are taking on the communications front for the benefit of all Victorian shooters.

The next challenges

It’ll cover the importance of this year’s federal election and provides a heads-up on what’s on our mind for the next Victorian state election (in 2018).

We’ll explain how we develop and promote our voting recommendations to benefit the shooting community, and some examples of ‘wins’ we’ve secured for you in recent years.

It is expected the forum will become a regular event, designed to help shooting organisations change the way we deal with our challenges, as a community.

Download the presentations slidesEmail button

While invitations are strictly limited to shooting organisations, we’ll make the presentation slides available to those on our email list – so join our email list if you haven’t already done so.

On Facebook? Then get our updates as the forum approaches

The other benefit in joining or list is that you’ll also get the all-important voting recommendations supported by Victoria’s major shooting organisations for this year’s federal election delivered straight to your inbox!

We’ll be posting brief updates on the forum on our Facebook page every day between now and February 13. If you’re on Facebook, click here to check out our page out now & “Like” the page to get the updates.

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