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Victoria’s first shooting industry-wide forum

Forum slideVictoria’s shooting organisations have been invited to a forum we’re about to host which aims to change the way our industry is approaching our political problem.  

It’s our aim to make sure you, and your family, can keep shooting.


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Passing of Jayne Moon

Jayne Moon was a tireless worker for the shooting sports (noticeably IPSC), as well as our inaugural secretary.

Jayne passed away last week. The notice we placed in yesterday’s Herald Sun is below.

Click here to see an excellent write up of her tireless contribution to IPSC.

Jayne Moon

Federal MP misfires on duck hunting

Kelvin Thomson

Federal MP Kelvin Thomson recently wrote to the Victorian Government calling for duck shooting to be banned because, according to him, it’s cruel.

Yet he failed to acknowledge a ban call could strip more than $100m of GDP from rural areas, each year causing irreparable damage to Victoria’s economy.  It could also cost jobs in his own electorate. Read more »

Why 200,000 shooters can’t be wrong

200000 vic shooters can't be wrong

If numbers of people are a true test of how the community feels, then they’re justifiably concerned about how our gun laws are being administered.  

Shooters are after a better policy making process than they have now. It’s a small ask which no reasonable person could argue against, but is important in ensuring we end up with a better policy environment than the one we have now. Read more »