How the Nationals avoided another ‘Tim Fischer moment’

TIm FIscher

The decision earlier this month not to reclassify our repeating actions came about from some great work by people working behind the scenes.

However the real story is the great work of two National Party MPs who we can’t name, but saved their party from having “another Tim Fischer moment” by standing up to their bigger coalition partner.

The result left Federal Justice Minister Mike Keenan seemingly stunned in front of the cameras after the proposal was voted down.

He had been reading the mood of a few commentators in the media and anti-gun groups such as Gun Control Australia, but was oblivious to the concerns the shooting community had over the proposal and the way it was being handled.

The Nationals however, got the message loud and clear. They had been broadsided by the Liberals and stood to lose the most if the ban went ahead.  Two of their own decided they wouldn’t be quiet a second time around, so took the matter into their own hands. We’re also well aware minor parties in two other states let their state governments this was a ‘line in the sand’ issue, which helped shape their responses as the Canberra decision loomed.

The result should have come as no surprise. The management of the matter from the start was another example of bad policy management, which shooters were not prepared to cop.

Don’t drop the ball now

However the result is only a temporary one. The Police Ministers agreed to refer the matter back to the states and revisit it at their next meeting in April – so the lobbying, letter writing and emails to politicians needs to continue.

We need to make sure we never see another Tim Fischer moment.

You can’t afford to let this happen!

We’re already having a look at where things are at and will provide more advice

When we do, we’ll need your help to make more shooters do their bit to stop the ban. Share this with your friends.  Then remind them this is important. Then remind them again.

The longer term fight

The media frenzy over the Adler started with nothing more than a Youtube video. The fact this is all it took to start another fight over gun laws, shows just how ignorant, gullible and irrational many people – politicians and media included – remain towards shooting.

It’s part of a longer term problem. Just look at the scoreboard:

  • We lost our semi-autos in 1996.
  • We lost our handguns with certain calibre, magazine and length characteristics in 2003.
  • We had to fight for our repeating actions in 2015.

What’s the next fight? It’ll be over the ability of juniors to hold licences. Or the ability to keep 5 shot magazines. Or the use of scopes.

Or something else.

Don’t let it happen!  Or  We’ll do the lobbying, but we need your help to make sure our politicians feel the heat at the ballot box.  All you need to do is follow us on Facebook and join our email list.

You can also donate to our election fighting fund here.  We’ve got a year to go before the next federal election, and a few bucks now is all it takes to make a difference.

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  1. i have been apistol shooter.-clay pidgeon shooter sporting shooter, smallbore target rifle, 20yrs big bore target rifle shooter ,been to bisely rifle range in england..mecca of big bore world wide. the things that howard and his cronies have done to shooters of australia is criminal..we have to stand together to get back our rights..

  2. I lobbied them very hard, embarrassing the Warren Truss for adopting a policy contrary to the wishes of his own party, and party policy. See my blog at Sporting shooter magazine website, then select ‘gun law’. Simon Munslow, National Firearms Lawyer.

  3. Remember that the with 20th anniversary of the main excuse for draconian gun laws being imposed on us, the Port Arthur Massacre, is also in late April next year. Needs the CFCV and other shooters organisations to help spread the message that like some other well publicised shootings supposedly done on the sole initiative of a deranged “lone nut gunman”, it was a “False Flag” This is when an atrocity is arranged for the purpose of falsely blaming someone and/or pursuing an agenda.

    Martin Bryant is a dimwit who was selected and set up to take the blame. Do any shooters believe that he as a left handed amateurish shooter of very low intelligence suddenly became the right handed crack shot in the Broad Arrow Café and up the road? Then a large number of shots were fired at the overnight siege at the Seascape Cottage which apparently did not hit anyone. The place was set on fire and Martin Bryant ran out unarmed, looking as if drugged, suffering from burns and yelling “Don’t shoot, I am the hostage.” Was immediately branded guilty by illegal contempt of court “Trial by Media”. Then kept in illegal solitary confinement for six months until successfully pressured to plead guilty. COULD NOT have been convicted on evidence. Then Howard illegally stopped Coroners inquests into deaths. This also helped keep evidence of what really happened hidden.

    Nowadays thanks to the Internet, anyone can now check lots of details that discredit important aspects of the official PAM story that has been largely kept hidden by the mainstream media. Try Googling eg “Port Arthur Massacre Coverup” and study material that comes up. Needs a strong push for a proper enquiry and also a trial to acquit Martin Bryant, who has been falsely blamed for atrocities he was obviously not the person responsible for.

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