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5 totally amazing stats about Victorian shooters

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94% of shooters say gun ownership is a RIGHT

Right or priviledge (results)

The CFCV’s recent survey on whether gun ownership  is a ‘right’ or a ‘privilege’ came up with the clearest result from any of our surveys.

94.2% of you said it’s a RIGHT.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey.

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Police change rules on transportation of guns and ammo

gun transportation

The Victoria Police have re-written the rules for transporting firearms and ammunition.  No longer is it acceptable to:

  • carry a gun in a gun case in the back of your car;
  • put a case of shells on the floor behind your seat; or
  • keep a packet of 22s in a coat pocket.

This blog explains how they are interpreting the law – and what you can do to stop these changes. Read more »

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Gun ownership: A right or privilege?

Right or priviledge

The question of whether gun ownership is a right or privilege recently came up on Australian Hunting Podcast and again in an online discussion on a provision in SA law that says gun ownership is not a right.

Or is it?  The CFCV’s Neil Jenkins and Tristen Fremlin go head-to-head on that question. Read more »

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