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More funding for shooting ranges

The Weekly Times has run this “great news” story on $3m more funding for shooting ranges under the State Government’s Shooting Sports Facilities Program which is aimed at improving shooting facilities around the state.

Thanks to the CFCV! Read more »

NSW Minerals Council on gun control

Minerals CouncilIf you work in the mines in NSW and love your shooting, then you need to ask – what the heck is the NSW Minerals Council doing talking about gun control?

Especially if that position might run against the personal interests of mine workers! Read more »

IPSC joins the CFCV

IPSCThe Victorian arm of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) has joined the CFCV as it’s sixth member at this week’s AGM. ┬áThis adds an important new seat at the table in the lead up to next year’s federal election and the next Victorian state election in 2018.

It gives your voice as a shooter, an even strong political voice than before. Read more »

Labor MP calls for immediate Adler ban


Moreton MP, Graham Perrett, has issued this media release (click here to see it) calling for the Adler A-110 shotgun to be banned immediately.

Mr Perrett says the firearm is “high powered” and can “shoot multiple rounds in rapid succession… faster and more powerful than other models of firearms”, which is and impressive enhancement of its capabilities over category Ds such as the AR-15 and FN P90. ┬áHe also says it is illegal which it is, of course, not. Read more »

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