Adler: Another loss for shooters?

Adler -update 2 - cat B and DYou might have heard that the talk around Canberra that the feds are proposing to move the Adler A110 5 shot to Category B while the 7 shot version will be moved to Category D.

As ridiculous as it is, this will put the larger capacity Adler along side the AR-15 and FN SCAR.

What this means

If the ban gets through, it’ll be another loss in a long line of attacks on what we love to do – with no end in sight.  Other possible future fights could be over the ability of juniors to hold licences, the ability to have firearms with a long-range capacities or anything with a scope.

Don’t laugh: It could happen.

Victoria’s first industry wide political forum.

The creation of the CFCV as the political umbrella for a number of major shooting organisations was a major leap forward in cooperation across the shooting industry.  It was formed at the time of the handgun bans in 2003 and we’ve delivered some great results for shooters including $12.5m in funding for ranges, the establishment of the Victorian Firearms Consultative Committee and so on.  However we’re not winning the war and have our work cut out for us.

We’re planning a major forum on Saturday 13th February as part of the development of a longer term strategy to deal with these issues.  It’ll help work out the best way we – as a community – can use next year’s federal election to send a message to both sides of politics regardless of whether or not the ban goes ahead.

How you can help

thYour support over the past few weeks has helped us to connect with other shooters to let them know what they can do about it and reorganise the way the shooting industry is working.  However we need to do more.

With the federal election looming, we want to run a much bigger campaign than we have before.  Your donation will help us make sure more shooters get the right voting information to help put an end to the attacks on what we love to do.

This is a cause definitely worth supporting.

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