Dirty Deeds? Byelection preference deals

Dirty Deeds (preferences in byelections3)


A few weeks ago we published a warning to parties who were hoping to rely on the shooting vote not to cut preference deals with those who want to ban shooting or hunting.

Some didn’t get the message.

If you are voting at next weekends by-elections in the western electorates of South-West Coast and Polwarth, then we’ve got some important information which you need to be aware of.

Labor is not running in either seat, which will help boost the green vote.

South-West Coast (vacated by Denis Napthine): 

  • Whose running?

There are 11 candidates in this race including the Liberals, Australian Country Party, Nationals, Greens, Animal Justice Party, Christians.

  • Who should you vote for?

If you are voting for the Liberals, Nationals, Australian Country Party or Liberals then vote “1” for them on the ballot paper, but IGNORE their How-To-Vote cards.

Number the rest of the ballot paper yourself, putting the Animal Justice Party and Greens last.

  • Why?

The Nationals and Liberals have put the Greens too high, at 7 and 8 respectively (& the Greens put the Nats and Libs above Australian Country Party and the Australian Christians);

The pro-hunting Australian Country Party has put the anti-hunting Animal Justice Party ahead of both the Nationals and Liberals (& the Animal Justice Party put the Australian Country Party ahead of the Nationals and Liberals). They did however put the Greens in their rightful place, which is last.

Polwarth (vacated by Terry Mulder):

  • Whose running?

There are 8 candidates in this race, including the Greens, DLP, Country Party, Nationals, Australian Sex Party, Liberals and Australian Christians.

  • Who should you vote for?

If you are voting for the Liberals then vote “1” for them on the ballot paper but IGNORE their How-To-Vote card. Number the rest of the ballot paper yourself, putting the Greens last.

  • Why?

The Liberals have put the Greens too high at 6 (& the Greens put the Liberals ahead of the Nationals, Australian Country Party, Australian Christians and DLP);

We make no recommendation on whether you should put the Nats ahead of the Libs or vice versa.  This is because none of their candidates have done anything for the shooting sports that we are aware of.

Help us get this message out to as many shooters in those electorates as possible – so their vote does not help our enemies.

Make sure you follow our voting advice by joining our email list or following us on Facebook.


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