Parliamentary briefing note – for new MPs

UntitledCurious to know what we tell politicians?  Sometimes we can’t – but click here to see a presentation we’re sending to MPs from the major parties for your info.

All we’ve taken out is the last page which is the contact information for our President and a couple of others – so the troublemakers don’t hassle them.

It’s pretty lightweight but we thought it would be useful to hit the rewind button a bit due to the number of new MPs elected in 2010 and 2014 who might have never heard of us.

Normally our briefings go into more detail – about half a page – on issues we think stand the best chance of us getting traction on. However it was also useful to remind MPs that our constituents (you) are angry and you vote.

The last slide encourages MPs to contact us on a completely confidential basis – which they will hopefully do, if they want to keep their seat.

We only sent this to MPs from the major parties – the Libs, Labor and Nats.  The reason we didn’t include the others is that they won’t form government – and it is those who would be part of a future government who can help us.


  1. Send it to the independents they are more likrly to hold balance of power going forward especially in the upper house

  2. Hi anon. I would suggest that is incorrect. If anyone will hold the BOP, it will be the Greens who have 5 there now. In any case the only MPs who can really help us are those who will be part of a future governments team. For that reason, our focus is really on the lower rather than upper house. Regards Neil J.

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