More funding for shooting ranges

The Weekly Times has run this “great news” story on $3m more funding for shooting ranges under the State Government’s Shooting Sports Facilities Program which is aimed at improving shooting facilities around the state.

Thanks to the CFCV!

In 2006, the then Brumby Government’s Minister for Sport, Justin Madden, made an announcement with the CFCV’s President at 1 Spring Street the allocation of $12.5m to build a multi-discipline shooting centre for the state.  This was followed by “on budget” allocations and a range of consultations with the key shooting organisations on what such a centre would look like.

For a range of reasons (mostly logistical), the range is gone, but the money remained.  During the previous government, the decision was made to redirect the money to upgrades of existing facilities.  This is still a great outcome which will help many of our smaller clubs and organisations compete in what is a lopsided field where shooting facilities have lagged due to the absence of funding.

We applaud the Andrew’s Government on this announcement.  We look forward to more announcements that will see the $12.5m fully expended in line with the original commitment.

This funding only came about from years of persistence by the CFCV … and we want to do more.

  1. That is terrific news that the present government will still continue funding the shooting sports. 😀

  2. Terrific news. ❗ 🙂

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