NSW Minerals Council on gun control

Minerals CouncilIf you work in the mines in NSW and love your shooting, then you need to ask – what the heck is the NSW Minerals Council doing talking about gun control?

Especially if that position might run against the personal interests of mine workers!

This article on the Huffington Post website is by the Director of Public Affairs at the Council.  In it he speaks well of hunting but then quickly runs arguments that you would expect to hear from gun control advocates.

So if you work in the mines in NSW, odds are you love your shooting.  Odds are also that you would not want your representative body even getting vaguely close to an issue that it has no interest in.


  1. Matthew Mlinaric


    Brad Emery, what a wowser you certainly are. What gives you the right to deem shooters like me and tens of thousands of others, as unqualified and not in need of an arm such as the Adler.

    I will have you know I did a little over 4 years in the army, as I believe probably a significant percentage of thousands of other recreational hunters and shooters possibly did also.

    I don’t need you and people like you to tell me that I can’t own X firearm because it looks mean and scary sic. Also since when has a lever action been a killing machine, last time I checked terrorists and soldiers where not running around with lever operated firearms.

    Last time I checked they were widely used in the wild west. By ranchers, lawmen and cowboys etc. real modern killing machines there lol.

    Furthermore what gives you the right to paint, licensed recreationalist shooters as criminals, in the same category as Martin Bryant, Monis etc. We are the cream of society when it comes to abiding by the law, as stipulated by the rules imposed by us.

    I think you will find the buy back was an actual failure, if you look at how many shootings/illegal weapons seizures there have been since the buy back, if you did some credible research and didn’t just go off b.s mainstream media stats you would know this! Do you think Monis got his pump shotgun legally through a reputable gun store, going up to the clerk saying excuse me sir I am a paranoid schitzophrenic, with sexual assault convictions and a record can you sell me a pump shotgun for the express purpose of culling yuppies in Martin Square, even though I have no license. Fuck no what
    planet are you from moron!

    Criminals will get what they need, they will pay absurd prices on the black market, with drug money or whatever money they get from their sordid dealings.

    Do you think if I was a criminal I would want a lever shotgun that is cumbersome and hard to conceal to do my dirty work. No I would want an easily concealed weapon like a glock handgun or a mp5k sub machine gun, that gives you the element of surprise/subtlety in your dealings. These are precisely the weapons, seized by police/customs. Do you not recall when police in Victoria seized 300 or so glocks a few years ago. Do you not recall Christopher Wayne Hudson, former Hells Angels using a handgun in his shooting incident. Did you not see that police raid a few years ago on the Hells Angels where they uncovered a Hecklor and Koch MP5K compact sub machine gun.

    These incidents would not happen if police, judges and politicians would focus there attention on criminals and the unstable who should not own firearms at all, instead of wasting tax payers money harrasing law abiding shooters.

    Who are you to say I am not qualified or do not need a lever action shotgun, I can handle/shoot a handgun/small arms more safely and accurately than the majority of the cops you see out there. I know from experience and not theory like yourself, you being a prim and propper I read it in a book/government report type yuppy so it is true.

    Sincerely go fuck yourself.

  2. Could this be their way of deflecting public concern on mining by siding with the anti-gun lobbyists? I sincerely hope not!

  3. A very cleverly crafted article, the terms used by the author show his true leanings, for instance an SKS did not take a 30 rnd mag, that was the SKK.
    Calling them DEATH MACHINES and SEMI AUTO “ASSAULT RIFLES” sounds very much like the uninformed rantings of Rebecca Peters, John Crook and the rest of the anti everything lobby.

  4. Matthew Mlinaric

    What part of the wowser brigade are you from Brad Emery, who the hell are you to say I’m not qualified to use a firearm, I’m better at it than a lot of the police in terms of accuracy/safety. Did 4 years in the army and this is how people like you paint law abiding firearms owners, akin to Martin Bryant.

    Sincerely go to hell.

  5. It is fairly standard for the Australian Union movement these days to push a left wing agenda that is not consistent with the interests of many of its membership. When I was a Commonwealth Public Servant, I ceased being a member of the CPSU because they were doing little for workers in the agency that I worked for, and were more interested in fringe left wing policies of little interest to the working rank and file.
    I am not surprised to see the Huffington Post running this story either, as it is very anti guns and NRA.

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