Labor MP calls for immediate Adler ban


Moreton MP, Graham Perrett, has issued this media release (click here to see it) calling for the Adler A-110 shotgun to be banned immediately.

Mr Perrett says the firearm is “high powered” and can “shoot multiple rounds in rapid succession… faster and more powerful than other models of firearms”, which is and impressive enhancement of its capabilities over category Ds such as the AR-15 and FN P90.  He also says it is illegal which it is, of course, not.

The other curious thing about this is Mr Perrett tied his view to the terrorist shooting of a police worker in Parramatta.  Apart from the fact that event involved a handgun (the origins of which are now known), you have to wonder how stupid he thinks shooters like you and me are. Very stupid, apparently.

Who is Perrett?

Graham Perrett is the Member for the Queensland seat of Morton.  If Labor gets re-elected at next year’s federal election, he could be 2nd in charge for firearms policy.

He needs to be removed from his portfolio.  Given his seat is marginal, Parliament, the LNP, LDP, S&FP and KAP all have the opportunity to make their pro-gun votes count.

What can you do about it?

Don’t bother emailing Perrett. His mind is made up.

Email Bill Shorten by clicking here. His team will not be impressed that one of their own is upsetting shooters months out from a federal election.

What should I say?

We don’t believe pro-forma emails work so here are some pointers if you get stuck:

  • Mr Perrett needs to get his facts straight: his media release is a cheap attack at gun owners, including those in his electorate.
  • Shooters in Moreton would be aghast if they found out what Mr Perrett said – and you’d love to let them know.

Don’t bother saying anything else.

The shorter your email is, the more likely it is to be read by Mr Shorten’s office.

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  1. The labor party & its illinformed MP’s should be ashamed of themselves for spreading this hoplophobic hysteria. There is no sidestepping, watering down or undermining of the 96 gunlaws, the Adler110 is the same as any other leveraction shotguns that have been legally owned in Australia for over 130 yrs & are cat A under the very same 96 NFA that the anti’s are lauding as the envy of the world . These types of firearms are not nor ever will be “pump action” or “nearly semi automatic fapid fire, they have never been used in a mass shooting nor are represented in other guncrimes such as drive bys. These are legal firearms , being imported legally , registered & sold to licenced owners. The frightbats are useing terrorist acts that employed an illegally obtained, illegally shortened pumpaction shotgun at the lindt cafe ( that only managed one kill vs the police kill rate of 2 dead + wouned) & an illegally obtained pistol ( possibly even ex police issue) as justification to take punitive measures against law abiding firearms owning citizens. This is blatant, persecution, vilification , marginalisation & demonisation of innocent law abiding citizens . This is further dancing in the blood of victims to push their hoplophobic disarmament agenda.

  2. hmm guys just take a step back for a second. Are we able to figure out at this point how many labor mps are pro gun or gun reasonable in comparison to the liberal parties Mps? This might be a strategic stunt to shift our votes away from labor and potentially towards other parties that are probably no better anyway. not everyone votes below the line yah know…

    who preferences labor atm? I think LDP might and they are very pro gun. food for thought…don’t want to ruffle feathers.

  3. Jamie

    Thanks for your question. The majority of parties will preference Labor or the Coalition ahead of the other in one seat, then go another way in another seat – so it depends on how many preference deals they have to offer. Also a party might preference (for example) Labor at one election, then preference the Coalition at the next election. Again it’ll depend on what is on offer when they trade preferences. You’re also right about below-the-line. 95% of people go above the line, which is why the discussion on preferences is so important.



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