Better gun laws. Within your reach

Donate (Oct 15)3 We want you to have better gun laws to keep you shooting – and to stop the attacks on what you love to do on the weekend.   We know getting semi-autos back is at the top of your list. We know you’re concerned about whether your kids will be able to go shooting like you did.  We know you hate the gross inefficiency of our firearms registry.  These are just some of the things we’re pursuing for Victorian shooters. We’ll provide the best possible voting advice we can, but getting the message out to other shooters costs money – which is where we need your help, because we’re paying for this out of our own pockets.

Sponsor us from as little as $2 a month, and you’ll be doing your bit to help us fight for better gun laws.  

where your donation dollar goesThere are three ways you can donate. 1. Donate using our dedicated gatewayth Click the “Donate Now” icon to the right and you’ll be taken to our secure dedicated Donation page. Select one of the amounts, whether it is a one off or monthly donation. It’s dead easy 2. Donate using Paypal Or if you have a Paypal account, donate using their facility now. Click here to go to the Paypal gateway to make a one-off or set up a recurring (monthly) donation. 3. Donate via direct debit Or direct debit to our account at: NAB – BSB: 083 152 Acc: 55043 4866 in the name of Combined Firearms Council of Victoria.

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