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Adler: Another loss for shooters?

Adler -update 2 - cat B and DYou might have heard that the talk around Canberra that the feds are proposing to move the Adler A110 5 shot to Category B while the 7 shot version will be moved to Category D.

As ridiculous as it is, this will put the larger capacity Adler along side the AR-15 and FN SCAR.
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The Great Forest National Park: what it means for shooting in Victoria

GFNP-blog-image2A new national park proposed for Victoria’s inner north east could have a devastating impact on Victoria’s shooting industry.

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Dirty Deeds? Byelection preference deals

Dirty Deeds (preferences in byelections3)


A few weeks ago we published a warning to parties who were hoping to rely on the shooting vote not to cut preference deals with those who want to ban shooting or hunting.

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Parliamentary briefing note – for new MPs

UntitledCurious to know what we tell politicians?  Sometimes we can’t – but click here to see a presentation we’re sending to MPs from the major parties for your info.

All we’ve taken out is the last page which is the contact information for our President and a couple of others – so the troublemakers don’t hassle them. Read more »