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Redefine the gun debate. Now!

Redefine on black (FB block)The CFCV started in 2002, but it wasn’t until recently we decided on an aggressive new strategy that will change what the gun debate is about.  It’s about people: It’s about others who don’t trust who you are or what you do.

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6 famous shooters (infographic)

Famous shooters final

The economic study we need


Shooting is a serious contributor to the Victorian economy, worth up to $2 billion per annum, support jobs and regional economies. We believe the government can justify a broad based economic study, with recommendations to identify investment opportunities

A rarely used but important part of the gun debate revolves around economics.  Those opposed to the shooting sports are quick to express their (misguided) views about animal welfare and firearm technology, but rarely if ever challenge the economic benefits the shooting sports bring. Read more »

5 reasons the Antis HATE what you do

5 reasons antis hate what you do

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