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NFA advisory body members named

Yesterday the Federal Government announced the creation of the Industry Reference Group as a way to short-circuit growing angst over the reaction by shooters to the National Firearms Agreement review process.

Today it has announced who is on that group. Read more »

Important update on the Adler ban

Adler -update

It is by no means a complete victory, but your demands to politicians that they listen to shooters concerns over the Adler / National Firearms Agreement issues have paid off. Today the government announced the creation of an Industry Reference Group to advise it further on the Adler / categorisation issues.

Another group? Well, it’s our understanding that this group will include people from our side of the fence. Read more »

Four years … for owning a lever action?

4 years

Imagine if the ban on lever actions got up. Owning one would be punishable by a sentence of up to 4 years imprisonment.

Even a simple conviction without jail time would limit your career options, make it impossible to travel to some countries and earmark you as a criminal for the rest of your life. Read more »

When ‘Enough was Enough’


The CFCV is unique in that it is a political umbrella for several of Victoria’s major shooting organisations. These are the organisations who are fighting to protect your sport – and decided they  had had enough of firearms policy decisions being made ‘on the run’.

The CFCV was formed in 2002 on the back of the political decision to further restrict handgun use, a few weeks before the Victorian State Election.

Finally, shooting organisations decided to stand on the same political platform. Read more »