The pollies hate what you do. So does the media. Here’s how to stop them

Vic Shooting Industry Fighing Fund

Politicians, media reps and bureaucrats hate what you do. They hate the fact you’re having fun, and that your kids might take up shooting when they get a bit older.

However they’ve taken guns off us before, and won’t stop until you have no guns at all!

That’s why 5 of Victoria’s major shooting organisations have set up the Victorian Shooting Industry Shooting Fund, to finance strong pro-shooting campaigns at the next federal and state elections.

This is being done to protect and expand the rights of every Law Abiding Firearm owner. That means you!

In fact, let’s aim higher.  Help us do something magical for the shooting sports.  Support the industry fund that supports you.

The fund that will:th

  • Stop the attacks on your right to go hunting, target shooting & collect guns;
  • Push for better gun laws;
  • Push for more government investment to support the shooting sports as a serious economic development opportunity; and
  • Grow the shooting sports.

Support the fund now.  Do it for yourself!

  1. Keep up the great work…

  2. Great work guys..

  3. Make it national not just victoria

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