Survey result: What you think about us

Regulars on our Facebook page will know we recently conducted a brief survey to gauge your view on what you think about our messaging.  The results were intriguing.

The first question asked how shooters heard about the CFCV.  78% said it was from our online presence.  This is rather ironic given it was an online survey, but we suspect might be true of the broader shooting community given the way we’ve historically operated.

The second question asked shooters about their awareness of what we do – and we scored well in that just over 60% of shooters knew we represented 5 of Victoria’s major shooting organisations and undertook lobbying work for their benefit. That suggests we’ve been reasonably clear in the way we’ve communicated through social media so far.

On voting, it was encouraging to see most of you vote for a minor pro-shooting party, but the real story was that out of the majors, you voted for Liberal ahead of Labor and the National Party.  As you can appreciate, the details of this are strategically important to what we will be doing at future elections and will need to remain confidential.

Your responses to the question about which type of messaging was best for our donation raising capacity was interesting. The results show we are largely on track but 61% of you say we need to toughen our messages up.  You’ve also given us some ideas of the messages we could run – which has been incredibly helpful, and which we’ve referred to our executive for guidance.

Thank you to those who responded.  This feedback will help us improve the way we continue to help shooters in Victoria and elsewhere with the huge fight we have ahead of us.

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  1. A generically addressed envelope sent to households “to the hunter or the outdoorsman etc” pointing them to the website. Include signed reference from ADA, SSAA presidents. Also, from national farmers federation and agforce. Might get you a few more shooters. Do a respectful, welcome video on YouTube too. Ensure target shooting and gender equality gets a rap. Mailout needs to be sexy. Not sexist.

  2. I took my first fallow deer on the weekend with a friend who is a regular hunter. I am a massive fan of native animals, I am against cruelty of any form. I was the one who took the shot and live comfortable in the knowledge it was quick and humane. The meat is 100% free-range, organic and absolutely sensational eating. How anyone can object to the ethical hunting of animals that have only ever known freedom is beyond me. Nature in general holds a far more questionable fate for the injured or aging. When the process is kept as humane, ethical and dignified as possible (as a true hunter always shows the animal the utmost respect) you’ve got a continuing bright and sustainable future for generations of hunters to come. Reflecting back after my experience; I feel that somehow we’ve created a generation that has lost touch with its origins and as such inadvertently created a potential niche for unscrupulous operators who don’t always follow farming guidelines and slaughter practices because off the dollar incentive. How fresh was that last lot of meat you purchased from the supermarket? How was the animal kept? Unless you can answer those questions positively, you have no right questioning the act of the hunter. That’s my 2 cents worth.

  3. Good morning fellow Hunters, could not agree more with comments made by Elbee Aug 24. Even though I am not a deer Hunter I too respect the kill to be as humane and quick as possible regardless of either bringing down a bunny or 2 for the pot or exterminating the odd fox. No “REAL” Hunter would want his or her beast to suffer in any way or form whether for trophy or food. This is OUR GOLDEN rule written or unwritten. Well said Elbee. And terrific comment by Alvar Dalton Aug 23 we all must strive to protect our sport or should I say “way of living” by educating others and gaining as much support as possible from every avenue available.

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