Stand up and be counted. Or lose your guns.

Donate with 5 orgs - generic call

In less than 100 days since deciding on a new workplan with 5 of Victoria’s largest shooting organisations, the CFCV has done more than we thought we’d be able to get done. We have:

  • expanded our reach to over 40% of Victoria’s licenced shooters online and through our member organisations own communications;
  • played a key role in putting a cork in the Adler problem; and
  • drawn attention to politicians on key ongoing issues of concern that we will keep pursuing up to and beyond the next state and federal elections.

Thank you for your support. It has been fantastic – and encouraged us to do a lot, lot more! We look forward to the next 100 days.

We’re volunteers and paying for this fight out of our own pockets – but your generosity has helped us pay the bills.  So far.

If we stand still, current or future governments WILL

  • Try to take more guns away from us.
  • Or they’ll try to stop juniors from getting involved.
  • Or they’ll lock us out of more places we can go shooting.
  • Or they’ll jack up the fees you pay for your licence.  Donate to the Victorian Shooting Industry Fighting Fund

You know our fight is a long way from being over. You know it’s only a matter of time before we’re facing another ban on something.

That’s why you need to support the Victorian Industry Shooting Fighting Fund. Hit the Donate button now!  Please consider making it a small monthly donation. They are more effective.


RT and SHARE this with other shooters you know.

(You can also donate to the CFCV at the NAB – BSB: 083 152 Acc: 55043 4866)

Join our email list by clicking here to get our weekly updates, including any special bulletins on the lever action issue.

The organisations listed above are full members of the CFCV.  We’ll be meeting again in late August to map our fight our in more detail.  


  1. I’m yet to see A lever action or a pump action note itself after someone’s pulled the trigger no way this rifles should be classified semiautomatics

  2. Can I make donations through a bank or post office? What about PayPal?
    Cheers, Steve.

  3. Hi Steve
    Yes – the account details are NAB – BSB: 083 152 Acc: 55043 4866 .. in the name of Combined Firearms Council of Victoria. Paypal is going to be more difficult for us to set up (as opposed to setting it up for personal accounts, which is easy) but likely to be this time next month. Regards Neil Jenkins.

  4. 👿

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