When ‘Enough was Enough’


The CFCV is unique in that it is a political umbrella for several of Victoria’s major shooting organisations. These are the organisations who are fighting to protect your sport – and decided they  had had enough of firearms policy decisions being made ‘on the run’.

The CFCV was formed in 2002 on the back of the political decision to further restrict handgun use, a few weeks before the Victorian State Election.

Finally, shooting organisations decided to stand on the same political platform.

At the election that followed, the CFCV directed votes to pro-shooting candidates, and away from those opposed to shooting to make a loud and clear political statement. This included running full page ads in the major newspapers and conducting mail outs to shooters in key electorates.

We deployed the same approach at that, and subsequent elections which yielded some great results such as funding for range upgrades, establishment of the Firearms Consultative Committee, stopping massive hikes in dealer licence fees, funding for firearm safety and retention of pro-shooting programs.

We also ended the careers of some politicians, and gave others the start they needed.

The next step

However more is needed. In May this year, we adopted a new workplan to take that work further, which includes letting you know who we are, and what you can do to help us protect what you love to do.

The following organisations are our full members. They are the ones who are fighting to protect your sport. We hope you will show your support and join one of them if you aren’t already a member.  Don’t let “someone else” do it – join one today!

  • Field and Game Australia: FGA has more than 60 branches spread across all Australian states and territories promoting sustainable hunting and clay target shooting. FGA is, at heart, a conservation organisation with a strong focus on wetland restoration and care. www.fga.net.au
  • Firearm Traders Association: FTA’s members are industry suppliers who represent over 70% of firearm sales and other related products sold in Victoria. www.ftavictoria.com
  • Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Vic): The SSAA is a broad based shooting organisation catering for a wide range of disciplines covering pistol, rifle, shotgun and airgun. It runs conservation and pest control programs. www.ssaavic.com.au
  • Victorian Amateur Pistol Association: VAPA is the only Victorian target pistol body with affiliation to Pistol Australia, which provides a pathway for selection to the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and other international target shooting competitions including ISSF World Cups and NRA Bianchi Cup. www.vapa.org.au
  • Vintagers: Order of Edwardian Gunners: The Vintagers maintain and operate side-by-side vintage/classic sporting shotguns and rifles built from 1860 to 1940, display exhibitions and historical re-enactments of the use of firearms, and promote ethical hunting, conservation, and safety. www.vintagers.org.au

Don’t be a shooter just by yourself.  Be a shooter who IS a member of an organisation fighting for your sport.

  1. I wish to establish the position of the CFCV regarding SSAA vacancies that are being contested. There are several emails about talking about the shortcoming of the present SSAA Board Members. As a SSAA member unfortunately I am not savvy to the SSAA workings or its politics, who are the CFCV choice for the new or reelected board members
    Whilst all this disruptive behavior is occurring I would hope that the important matter, to my mind, as the proposed banning of Lever Action weapons must be the united effort of all firearm groups to combat. Will one group, or a selection of groups be engaging Government regarding this matter Regards Tony Low

    Whilst all the

  2. Hi Tony. I think we are united on the Adler front, which is great. As for the emails floating around about the SSAA, that’s an internal matter for their members to deal with and comment on. The CFCV does what it’s member organisations asks it to do. Regards, Neil.

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