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Why every gunowner should worry about “037”


If shooters ignore our voting system, it won’t be a question of “if” the Greens will hold the balance of power in State Parliament, but “when”.

Here’s a number that should worry every shooter. 037.

0– That’s the number of Greens MPs in our state parliament ten years ago today.
3 – the number of Greens who got elected to the upper house in 2006, when the “proportional representation” voting system was introduced.
7– the number of Greens in state parliament right now. Five of them are in the upper house and two in the lower house. Read more »

The pollies hate what you do. So does the media. Here’s how to stop them

Vic Shooting Industry Fighing Fund

Politicians, media reps and bureaucrats hate what you do. They hate the fact you’re having fun, and that your kids might take up shooting when they get a bit older.

However they’ve taken guns off us before, and won’t stop until you have no guns at all! Read more »

Survey result: What you think about us

Regulars on our Facebook page will know we recently conducted a brief survey to gauge your view on what you think about our messaging.  The results were intriguing.

The first question asked how shooters heard about the CFCV.  78% said it was from our online presence.  This is rather ironic given it was an online survey, but we suspect might be true of the broader shooting community given the way we’ve historically operated. Read more »

Stand up and be counted. Or lose your guns.

Donate with 5 orgs - generic call

In less than 100 days since deciding on a new workplan with 5 of Victoria’s largest shooting organisations, the CFCV has done more than we thought we’d be able to get done. We have:

  • expanded our reach to over 40% of Victoria’s licenced shooters online and through our member organisations own communications;
  • played a key role in putting a cork in the Adler problem; and
  • drawn attention to politicians on key ongoing issues of concern that we will keep pursuing up to and beyond the next state and federal elections.

Thank you for your support. It has been fantastic – and encouraged us to do a lot, lot more! We look forward to the next 100 days. Read more »