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Guns On The Waterfront: Our Porous Borders


Earlier this year the Australian Senate conducted a Greens initiated inquiry into how guns flow from the legal market into the illegal market.  The inquiry backfired for them by finding no such connection.

It also barely scratched the surface of where illegal guns come from. Read more »

Victoria’s Out-Of-Touch Police Minister

Wade Noonan logo5 copy

Our recent survey of Victorian shooters revealed how angry they were at the performance of the Minister for Police over the proposed ban on lever action rifles and shotguns.  In fact they are so concerned, they want the Premier to intervene.  

Nearly half of those who participated in the survey knew who the Minister was – Wade Noonan.  However that’s where the good news for him stops. Read more »

CFCV wins for Victorian shooters


In addition to its involvement in state and federal elections, the CFCV also lobbies on behalf of its member organisations, for the benefit of all Victorian shooters.

Here are some of the wins we’ve had over the years. Read more »

Horror buyback stories

1903 Winchester

The action pictured above is from a Winchester 1903.  A lovely simple gun that is now well over a century old.  Sam lost it when he was 19, in John Howard’s gun buyback.

A few days ago we asked readers for their stories from gun buybacks.   We have four to share with you. Read more »